Sunday, March 25, 2012


Well, as I informed my readers of earlier, MGL took all of us dolls to the American Girl store in Dallas Thursday. Her parents dropped her off there for two uninterrupted hours to prowl around the store. She bought way too many things.(She says she did, but I am of the opinion that she did not.) She took a couple of pictures in the store.

 There is one thing that I wish MGL had picked up that she didn't- that bed. It is amazing in so many ridiculous ways. 
 Marie-Grace and I took a picture in together in the store before we left- I kind of  like that tent in the background, but I would rather have that bed(hint).
 This is my favorite thing that MGL actually did purchase- who cares if it was only for $16?
 Marie-Grace is very happy that she got some more 1800s clothes. She says that modern clothing is vile, even if it is easier to get around in)
 MGL bought a skateboard for Kit and now she is convinced that she can actually ride it. I'm sorry to say(actually I'm not) that posing with a skateboard in your hand for three hours does not make you a skater.
You may be wondering what a random picture of a flower is doing in this post; I just felt like sharing something I found in the yard, it is quite beautiful.(though not as much as that bed) We got a few more things while we were in Dallas and you will probably see them pop up every once in a while in pictures, but I don't want to be bothered with posting a list of all of the stuff. Oh, I almost forgot, MGL said that a surprise is going to come in the mail in about a month- I have no idea what it could be.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Threads

I haven't blogged in over a month- my life has been insanely boring. MGL hadn't given us dolls any new clothes in a while, so I was pleasantly surprised when she gave each of us something new today. Marie-Grace got a new Hawaiian print dress.(I guess it is Hawaiian, I don't pretend to be an expert.) It looks kind of like she only has one leg in that picture- ha!
 Kit got a t-shirt, which I guess fits her style, since she doesn't really seem to care what she wears.
 And of course I've saved the best for last- the skirt MGL gave me! I love everything about it, I believe it is my new favorite skirt.

MGL bought the stuff from a vendor at a festival she went to yesterday. MGL apparently liked talking to the lady about us dolls, I can't imagine why, we seem pretty boring to me. MGL also gave me some exciting news today, we are going to Dallas on Thursday. I can't wait! (Maybe she can buy me some more stuff.)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Winter Blues

I really, really like playing in the snow, and last winter I had tons of opportunities to romp around in the stuff. This winter therefore really hasn't offered very much excitement for me. I got really excited last week when the news started saying that it might snow Monday morning. I wasn't sure if I should believe it since the weather has been getting in the 70s and 80s nearly everyday. This morning when I woke up about 7:00, I noticed that MGL was still home. I knew only one thing could have happened- Snow day!
 After a quick look outside I ran back in screaming SNOW! at the top of my lungs while I rummaged around for my coat. Kit ran to get her coat too. MGL asked us to calm down a bit, but it definitely wasn't going to happen.
 Kit and I got right down to an old fashioned snowball fight when MGL rudely interjected our fight by pointing to the shivering girl on the front porch steps. After squinting my eyes I realized that the girl was my new roommate Marie-Grace. I had almost completely forgotten about her.
 I threw my final snowball at Kit and bounded over to the porch. For some reason Marie-Grace has insisted on keep on that weird looking 1850's ensemble she showed up in. I have before offered her some modern garbs out of my stash but she has always refused. I asked her if she wanted to play in the snow with Kit and I,  and when she answered yes, I got her to go in and put on a sweater.
 After Kit and I exhausted as much energy as we felt was necessary throwing snowballs at each other's faces, we held a conference with Marie-Grace as to what wintery activities should be next on the agenda. We all settled on making a snow man together.
 We all spread out in search of the items to make him. I about froze my fingers off rolling the snowballs. I think that he turned out kind of cute for all of the effort though.
It was overall a nice day, too bad it all melted off already. Maybe it will snow again sometime before spring is actually set in.(It probably won't, I wonder how hard it would be too convince MGL to relocate to the Artic Circle.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


MGL came into the doll space last night and told Kit and I to put on some dresses. I'm not really sure why she said anything to me since I was already wearing one, but Kit begrudgingly went over to the closet. MGL seemed overly excited and hyped up for some reason, (she usually stays pretty mellow and monotone) so I decided to ask her what the big deal was when Kit got back. She informed us that she wanted us to meet someone and handed over some ridiculous looking name tags.
 I really was wondering who the person we were supposed to be meeting was. (The name tags are a little much, aren't they?)
 Kit and I were finally relieved when in walked the very height of 1850s fashion. MGL told me her name was Marie-Grace and that she is shy so I had to be nice.
 She barely said more than a sentence to Kit and I(she is apparently from New Orleans but I didn't detect an ounce of accent) but she sure took a hankering to Yoshi. I have heard before that dogs can tell good people, I wonder if that works for plush dogs and vinyl dolls too.
 MGL wasn't supposed to get this chunk of dolly flesh until she lost 70 pounds but her mom told her she could go ahead and open her and get another reward when she finished losing weight. I think I might be able to do some things with this Marie-Grace, she sure looks pretty next to the jonquils in the yard. Now I just have to keep that corrupt Kit away from her.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Horse for a Penny

The weather has been horrible down here in Arkansas for the past week. The rain finally let up today, so I was eager to go outside today after being cooped up inside for so long. I had just gotten my boots on (I don't want my flats to get dirty, now do I?) when MGL tells me to come outside quickly as she has a surprise for me. I figured that her surprise was going to be work for me to do so I was walking toward the door very slowly. I was quite stunned when what I saw wasn't a job for me to do, but this beauty of a horse-

 She was amazing and MGL told me that she was all mine. I 'm still not sure why MGL all of a sudden offered her up to me all of a sudden, but I don't really care that much. I have wanted a horse for a while and this was a huge surprise.
 I slowly approached her so she wouldn't get scared. After a bit of coaxing and a boost up from MGL I was in the saddle.
 It was a little scary being perched on her at first but I got used to it right off. It was even kind of fun.
I rode around on her for a little bit before I put her up. I was informed by MGL that the mare's name is Penny, but I felt that the name was too common so I have decided to call her Penelope. Penelope is a very pretty name for a very pretty horse. I guess I should thank MGL for getting me Penelope, but I probably won't ever get around to it.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Who Needs a Resolution?

I can't believe that it is already the end of the year, it flew by so fast!  I hate that everyone is crazy about resolutions this time of year, so I resolved that I wasn't going to have any. So today I was enjoying playing with some of my frog collection when I noticed that Kit had walked off and left her shoes. I was quick to scheme when I remembered I had the same pair of shoes in another color.

 I thought it was quite humorous to switch one of her shoes,  but Kit didn't. She threw a big fit and went to complain to MGL. MGL sided with Kit and as my punishment she gave me a pencil and a piece of paper.
 I didn't really understand what the paper was for until MGL started dictating to me. She told me to come up with some resolutions for the new year or she wouldn't let me have my frogs back. I thought that she was being a little harsh, but I got right down to business.
It took me about 10 minutes to come up with a list of few things but I still wasn't satisfied( Who can live without sweets?). I crossed off the things I knew I would never be able to accomplish and added a bit of a note to the one I left. I am pretty confident that I can live with that resolution. I got my frogs back from MGL, but she said that she is still not completely happy with me. I don't though since I get to play with my frogs.  Feel free to come up with some resolutions of your own. (I have no idea why you would want to though.)Have a happy New Year everyone! See you in 2012!

Monday, December 26, 2011

A Very Mickey Christmas

 I just got back a few days ago from Walt Disney World. That's right, I spent a week in a mouse's house. MGL decided to take me along since I like to travel(only because she didn't have to buy me a ticket). I still had fun though-as witnessed by my happy face in the picture above that MGL took at our hotel(Port Orleans).
 This picture is a little blurry but I think that it truly captures what the castle looks like- it made me feel a little fuzzy inside. I wish that I could share with you what MGL's face looked like on Space Mountain, but I can't because then she wouldn't be so mysterious any more.
 We got to spend a lot of time in all the parks, I really liked Hollywood Studios the best I think. Who doesn't like to be on a free-falling elevator?(OK, I admit some don't but I think everyone should give it a try.)
 MGL got me a really nice Minnie Mouse outfit. She claims she felt odd taking this picture in the hotel Lobby, but do I care? Not really, I think I look good in front of this tree.
After days filled being surrounded by tourists, riding roller coasters, and being stared at by small children, I finally collapsed. I think I slept on the entire ride home. Now if you are wondering about my Christmas, well that is private; only Kit, Mini-Grace, and MGL have access to private things. If you want to see  me squeeing over getting some toys you are out of luck.